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All these years later and buttglove is still glorious

what a lovely tribute to the original! I especially loved that you adapted the outro, too, and added a little guy singing the accompaniments. :)

Ah, I remember when I first watched "Back To The Start Mario" a few days after my eleventh birthday. I'm pretty sure it was the first thing I'd ever seen on the internet with a serious tone and a legitimate message. It got me into coldplay, and got me thinking about animation and the world. The years have come and gone, and, as I'd never expected, a sequel has been made.

Having watched it, I think I can say that, while it's not the prettiest thing on newgrounds, the massive improvements in art, animation and scene direction make it even more enjoyable than the original. While such a black-and-white portrayal of peace and corruption would seem overly simplistic in a full-length film, for four minutes, it works surprisingly well to promote the simple message held within and is enhanced by the clear amount of painstaking detail and time invested.

I may have grown a bit more fond of the Blue Blur than the ol' Portly Plumber over time (and shifted the majority of my creative efforts towards Hand-Drawn Sonic Parodies), but that hasn't kept me from recognizing quality and heart in Mario Sprite fanworks, especially "Mario Back To The Start" and this sequel.

Well done, Jackbliss. I anticipate seeing the result of the wide-eyed children that will be inspired by "Viva La Vida Mario" just as the original inspired me seven years ago.

jackbliss responds:

Hey thanks for the review! Glad to know people still remember that movie. I was only 20 and it was like one of my first flash movies ever and still the most known lol. Also good to hear I've improved over the years a bit. I watched some of your Sonic parodies. They're pretty cool. Keep up the great work and hope we will continue to watch each others movies for years to come :)

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This has got to be the most hilarious concept (and execution) for a video game I've seen this year, let alone a flash game on newgrounds. Encore, Giuseppe!

The name of the boss animal

Lotsa folks have said that the game says "wrong" if you enter "aye-aye".

It says it's right if you type it "aye aye"

Also, sweet game.

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Shave and a haircut

two bits!

Recording quality is very nice.

Outlaw88 responds:


Finally, a remix of the NES version's music!

I will admit that when comparing the music on NES and SNES versions that the NES versions are much better. and so I thank thee for remembering the last NES game ever and giving it a nice little loop. 8/10, because though the song IS great, it's kinda short, and I would have done a medley. Either way, nice loop.

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that's pretty cool!

But two things to improve on:

1: try not to have the camera tilted at an angle

2: The picture's a little blurry. Try to focus thet camera a little bit more and/or appy a sharpen filter with a computer art program.

mock30 responds:

Thanks for the advice! You rock to!

My compliments to austin!

It's very nice and detailed!

mock30 responds:


It beat the hare

And it gets a 10 too!

mock30 responds:


Heyo, I'm RecD AKA Recorderdude. You may know me for Seaside Denied, Metropolis Mayhem, A sliver of Sonic Shorts 8, or my YouTube WITH LYRICS and Game Song videos. I got my start here on newgrounds and may still post stuff here from time to time!

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